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Silver Age Science Saturdays #13

February 15th, 2014

(from “Who Caught the Loborilla?” by Gardner Fox and Sid Greene in Mystery in Space #66, buy more about March 1961)

I know the purpose of this feature is to spotlight instances of dubious science-dropping in Silver Age funnybooks but, c’mon, LOBORILLA.

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6 Responses to “Silver Age Science Saturdays #13”

  1. John DiBello

    What’s so hard about catching a Loborilla? You can just pick a fresh one out of the tank at Red Loborilla during Loborillafest.

  2. Tales to Enrage

    “I dropped it with my stun gun!”

    Yeah, you dropped its head right onto a rock. Look at its eyes, that thing is DEAD. Good job, that bounty is long gone.

  3. Eric

    And upon awakening, much like the Biblical King Solomon, the Loborilla had a ready solution to the explorer’s argument based around dividing each of them in half.

  4. David Thiel

    Growing up, I had (and still have) a copy of Strange Adventures #232, which reprinted this story. One of my all-time favorite comic books; I must’ve read it dozens of times.

  5. sallyp

    Yeah, I pretty much assume it wakes up and eats them.

  6. Kid Kyoto

    Well are you going to leave us in suspense?

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