Armagideon Time

Something’s going on

March 20th, 2014

I remember the future. It was constructed from molded plastic.

Brightly subdued and flecked with a simulated metallic sheen, viagra 60mg found wherever the hard edges of progress required a smooth inorganic facade.

And like the era’s promises of techno-utopia, it became grimy and unpleasant to behold once it came into contact with the real world.

Recommended listening: Future to past to present to past again.

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One Response to “Something’s going on”

  1. Bill D.

    FunSpot in New Hampshire has a couple of old pearlized-plastic cabinet games like this, including the original Computer Space. I tried to play it once, but the flickering of the screen and weirdly unfathomable dial controls made it really difficult. I thought, “drunk bar patrons were supposed to play this?” Gorgeous cabinet, though.

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