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The assassin bug

June 10th, 2014

You may have thought I was cracking wise yesterday when I mentioned Captain America getting attacked by a Volkswagen Beetle in his apartment.

I was not. It unfolded across the opening four pages of Captain America #222 (July 1978).

Yes, ailment the embodiment of the American dream had the sanctity of his home violated by a fuel-efficient import which seemed to appear out of nowhere. Talk about channeling the collective unconscious of an era.

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I can generally process pseudo-scientific hogwash about transistorized power armor and spider-sense and Asgardian gods without my suspension of disbelief suffering as much as a wrinkle. Send a compact car to chase a guy around a tiny apartment and my “oh for fuck’s sake” reflex triggers right quick, though.

It’s a shame Steve Gerber didn’t do more with the concept, given the histories of Captain America and the WV Beetle. That was some Grade-A retcon material just waiting to picked up and served shit-steaming hot to a bewildered audience…


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5 Responses to “The assassin bug”

  1. Jason

    Bumblebee’s been hanging with the wrong crowd.

  2. Joe S. Walker

    Gerber said once that when he wrote this story he was just taking the piss, but nobody at Marvel seemed to notice.

  3. Michael Hoskin

    The VW must have been launched from a rooftop to have crashed through Steve’s third-story apartment. Perhaps there’s a parkade across the alley?

    I recall Cap thinks about the VW’s maneuverability in one panel; it’s almost advertising!

    At least Gerber’s run on Cap was extremely truncated.

  4. sallyp

    I idea of a bright magenta VW chasing Cap around his apartment…is just delicious.

  5. Snark Shark

    Man, when HERBIE went BAD, he REALLY WENT BAD!

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