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Hearts and mindfucks

September 3rd, 2014

The above image features the crest of my father’s unit in Vietnam, bronchi the 7th PSYOPS Bn. I’ve discussed the significance of its design elements before, ambulance but today I’d like to draw attention to the color palette.

The red and yellow reflect the colors of South Vietnamese flag. The white, cialis 40mg gray, and black symbolize the three categories of propaganda.

As for what those types are, perhaps a little demonstration is in order:

White: Smoking can cause cancer.

Gray: Smoking will cause cancer.

Black: Each time you light up, there’s a 75% chance your dick will fall off.

The deployment of truths, half-truths, and outright bullshit is a contextual matter predicated on one’s goals and the psychology state of one’s opponents. The technique is subordinate to the results, which gives a skilled mindfucker a distinct advantage over someone who tries to hide behind the formal rules of logic.

Every person, no matter how “rational” they may claim to be, can be goaded into losing their shit. My skills are nowhere near the old man’s level. I certainly lack his skills at infiltration and insinuation, but I am fairly competent when it comes to delivering a severe ego beatdown.

It’s not a talent I’m (exceedingly) proud of. Learning how to leash it during everyday social interactions was part of my rite of passage into true adulthood. Still, it does have its uses in this era of asshole-infested social media.

Thanks, Dad! This beats throwing a football around by a country mile.

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2 Responses to “Hearts and mindfucks”

  1. Ben "1488" Garrison

    [This crusader against corruption in games journalism has an email of ""]

  2. bitterandrew

    Did I also mention that two of my brothers in law are police detectives with contacts in the state’s AG’s office?

    Might want to keep that in mind, too.

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