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Ultimate Powers Jam #31: Angus-8

September 24th, 2014

Are you ready to ‘bot and roll, more about kids? Because it’s time for the return of…

…in which I use the character creation rules in the Marvel Super Heroes RPG’s Ultimate Powers Book to roll up a random batch of powers and abilities, then sit back and watch as some incredibly talented folks work their creative magic upon the quantified chaos.

Today’s exercise in speculative cybernetics comes courtesy of magnificent Mike Podgor.

When Doctor Stevens was brought onto the NG-US program, designed to create cheap and efficient robots to ship to impoverished areas to help them stabilize the local economy and ensure that no one would die from the elements or starvation, he was positively elated. Unlike so many other products he had worked on, this one seemed like it was going to do some actual good that didn’t involve smashing things or becoming some sort of peacekeeping force that would inevitable fall into the wrong hands. He developed the first prototype and it was immediately shot down. Seven prototypes later, and Stevens recognized what was going to happen. He was going to create some sort of humanoid robot that would then go on some sort of rampage, either eventually turning good or being destroyed. This had happened to him a lot, and he had seen so many projects end in this way, and he decided to sabotage any of those efforts. While many of the companies in the Marvel universe would then black-list him, he knew he could rely on one of the many good-hearted robotics moguls for gainful employment.

After building the eighth prototype, which he dubbed the Angus-8, he hired someone to write a complex series of Asimov-esque laws into the robot’s programming so that it couldn’t be used for evil. This resulted in a robot that wouldn’t hurt a fly, and was completely terrible at any and all forms of combat. Stevens declared this to be enough, but unbeknownst to him, his hired programmer had a hankering to be a super-villain, and left a backdoor in the robot’s program that would allow him to take control of the robot and rob a bank or something. The programmer did not have very much foresight in this matter, but in the end it didn’t matter, because the backdoor conflicted with the robot’s other programs and resulted in Angus-8 gaining free will and developing a brain rivaling that of the Marvel universe’s greatest minds.

Angus-8 quickly made his way to Stevens, who was immediately glad that he had taken those precautions. He advised Angus-8 to go on the run and, with one final tweak, altered the robot’s solar panels to destroy him if he spent too much time in the light. Stevens reasoned that this would keep Angus-8 out of sight, and in the two years since that night, Angus-8 can sometimes be seen rolling at high-speed up and down the nation’s side roads and trying to find books and dark places to hole up in during the day.

(Nuts and bolts assembled by Mike Podgor. UPJ logo provided by Dave Lartigue.)

Are you an artist, writer, or terrifying combination of the two who’d like to try your hand at the Ultimate Powers Jam? Then drop me a line at bitter(dot)andrew(at)gmail(dot)com and I’ll commence the dice to rolling!

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