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Time is tight this week, so the second half of the July ’65 hall of shame will have to wait until next Friday. As a consolation prize, I made a quick dive into the Charlton Comics archive and plucked this tantalizing pitch from the acid-eaten newsprint… …a Hit Records mail-order ad from the middle of […]

We live in a contentious political climate, one in which important debates are framed by ideological rigidity and personal attacks. There are some who lament this current state of affairs and seek common ground through compromise. It is a noble enough sentiment, but suffers from a great deal of delusional thinking and moral equivocation. You […]

Bust and boom

June 2nd, 2017

Part of the adoption process in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts involves filling out a lengthy questionnaire covering the applicant’s history and personal life in minute detail. It might sound a bit intrusive, but it’s nothing I haven’t already tackled on multiple occasions and from multiple angles over Armagideon Time’s eleven year lifespan. The only real […]

Oh, sure, it starts off innocently enough with florally decorated stockings and homemade lo-cal salad dressing, but where does it go from there? I’ll tell you — smoking Purple Haze with Jamie Hendricks and riding around in a VW van looking for draft cards and bras to burn between orgies. No good can come of […]

All the (wrong) way

January 15th, 2015

I don’t pay much attention to the Oscars because life is too short for me to give a shit about a multi-billion dollar industry patting itself on its designer-dressed backside. Yet the controversy over Selma not getting its just due caught my attention, mind mainly because the arguments have been centering around historical mythmaking versus […]

Never remember

January 14th, 2015

Gone electric

January 18th, 2013

My journey through LIFE’s digital archives has reached the mid-1960s, traumatologist which means I get to have the fascinating (and maddening and facepalming) experience of witnessing the mosaic of the decade’s legendary (as in “historic” and “aggressively mythologized”) countercultural movement laid down one condescending feature article at a time. One of these pieces chronicled the […]

Bound and gagging

November 28th, 2012

Hey, about it girl, I hear you’ll be a woman soon, so you know what than means… WE’RE GOING TO SEARS. The conceptual implications alone are creepy enough, but it’s that choice of italicization that really seals the deal. Recommended listening: Grease the fleshmolds! Prepare the grinders! Bring forth the raw material and let the […]

It’s nigh impossible to overstate the impact the 1966 Batman TV show had upon the public’s perception of superheroes and, doctor by extension, viagra order funnybooks in general and it continues to inform those perceptions over four decades later. No matter how many college classes use Watchmen or Fun Home as required texts, no matter […]

Red, red brine

November 15th, 2011

I used to discuss politics quite often here. Indeed some of my most popular and referenced posts have been written reflections of my impotent anger and disgust about the current state of things. I drastically scaled back on AT’s political content after the 2008 election; not because I thought the Obama administration was peachy beyond […]

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