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This week we’re taking another trip back to the heart of the Me Decade as chronicled by overstuffed mid-list music compilations of dubious production quality. The album is K-Tel’s Hit Machine, covering the mellow pop thrills which graced the chart in late 1975 and early 1976. Here’s the track list: A1 K.C. & The Sunshine […]

Even as I dug through a disorganized assortment of crates in search of my copy of Rock 80, another auditory artifact from a bygone era was making its way from someone’s damp basement to my front porch. The album was Right On, a 1976 release that represents the apotheosis of K-Tel’s midlist compilations during the […]

That Mysterious Bloom: Day 15

February 15th, 2017

(from “Will the Real Black Orchid Please Stand Up?” by Michael Fleisher, Russell Carley and Fred Carrillo in The Phantom Stranger #41, February-March 1976) Don’t be fooled by superficial similarities. A true black orchid has unmistakable qualities.

That Mysterious Bloom: Day 14

February 14th, 2017

(from “The Black Orchid Conspiracy” by Michael Fleisher, Russell Carley and Fred Carrillo in The Phantom Stranger #40, December-January 1975/1976) Be wary of crowding your orchids, lest they compete for essential resources.

My greatest adventure (person)

September 28th, 2016

I received the Fisher Price “Adventure People” Wilderness Patrol set as a present from Santa when I was four years old. The set was my first encounter what would eventually be labeled as “action figures,” a semi-articulated middle ground between static plastic army men and the larger Mego dolls. They were sturdy as hell, especially […]

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