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Many moons ago, there was an enthusiastic em-pee-three blogger who leveraged the discovery of the most amazing magazine cover ever… …into a delicious but fleeting moment of fame. At the time, thay grey area gunslinger was still affectedly hip enough to lay down some irony-drenched firewalls against any insinuations that he might actually enjoy the […]

Can the can

June 14th, 2017

In times of crisis, I have found it helpful to look back to an simpler equally chaotic and confusing time in search of answers bizarre shit to marvel at through fragmentary memory and a thick nostalgic haze. Sure, things may look pretty grim on a global scale in 2017, but they still haven’t sunk to […]

Found in a 1977 issue of Starlog:

A rock to the brainpan

June 21st, 2012

Whether we’re discussing the relative merits of Sega Master System games or dissecting forgotten political debates of Cold War era, syphilis we here at Armagideon Time strive daily to bring you only the most topical and cutting edge infotainment. With that in mind, buy here are the results from Creem‘s reader poll of the “Biggest […]

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