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As the stack of compilations on my shelf grew larger, it was time to adopt a methodical approach to my collecting. I tabbed on over to the utterly invaluable Discogs database and spent the better part of a week working my way though the entire chronology of K-Tel releases, with a specific emphasis on the […]

My next K-Tel acquisition followed right on the heels of Chart Action ’83, as it is inextricably linked with that seminal compilation in the twisted corridors of childhood memory. I wrote about Radio Active not too long ago, with a focus on how a specific half-forgotten track on the comp managed to blindside me with […]

Since acquiring a functioning turntable a few weeks back, I’ve been slowly getting back into the habit of buying used records. Most of these have been favorite LP I never picked up back in the day because I already owned them on tape and albums by bands I’ve warmed up to since my collecting days […]

I’ve recently started to re-read selected tales from the Library of America’s H.P. Lovecraft collection. The idea was to jumpstart my flagging spooky season spirit, health care but it has also rekindled my ongoing internal debate about the author’s work and legacy. I enjoy Lovecraft’s fiction immensely, despite the fact that much of it is […]

In 1982, order Fangoria did a feature article about a horror-themed pro wrestler. The magazine’s gorehound readers were not happy about it. Like most examples of vintage geek tribalism, mind it’s pretty hilarious stuff in hindsight. We’re talking about, what? Three or four pages out of a single issue of sixty page magazine? Yet these […]

2600 RPM

August 2nd, 2016

There are those who choose to surf the zeitgeist, cure and there are those who grab hold of it with both hands in hopes of forcing it to submit to their will. I’ll leave it for you to decide which of those camps Alexis Atari fell into. He and his label were confident enough to […]

It’s October 1982. The leaves have begun falling from the trees and the big marketing push for the coming holiday season has started to rev into high gear. Home videogame systems are this year’s Big Thing. Atari is still the overvalued champion in that realm, pharm but the field has been getting dangerously crowded. Not […]

In search of an answer

June 3rd, 2015

SOUNDUS HUMONGUS! BOOTUS RIDICULOUS! Something about the band’s name, pilule photo, gonorrhea and ad copy screamed “Euro-metal outfit reworking third-hand cliches in a isolated local scene,” but it turns out that Guardian hailed from Florida. So drop the “Euro,” I guess. Honestly, the sole track of theirs I could find wasn’t half-bad. Trite and bordering […]

No experience necessary

May 26th, 2015

A topical getaway

December 27th, 2012

As my progress through LIFE‘s digital archives encroaches upon the mid-1960s, implant the density of the nostalgic mindfield has grown exponentially thicker. Though I was born in 1972, viagra so many commercial currents of the decade past lingered long enough to indelibly imprint themselves upon my psyche… …and few as profoundly as the above beverage […]

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