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Instrumental moment

August 21st, 2018

My maternal grandfather was a grumpy recluse who preferred to leave the practical business of running the household to my extremely frugal grandmother. His word remained law, but he rarely imposed it as long as the cuisine matched his tastes and his eccentricities were indulged. The only exception to this arrangement was the holiday season, […]

In the spring of 1985, my mom and dad took us on a Sunday drive along the Mohawk Trail in western Massachusetts. The trip was one of many we took that year as a way of reestablishing ourselves as a nuclear family during one of the (all-too-brief) stretches where it seemed our home life might […]

“Even a hipster who is pure in heart and sips craft brews at night may become a wild-eyed southern boy when the dirtbag moon is bright.” And thus, on October 31, 1986, did the Mercury Theater’s broadcast of The War of the Worlds get bumped down to the second most horrifying thing ever to hit […]

A fringe benefit of Mike joining my role-playing group was that it gave me access to his huge library of AD&D books and other ancillary materials. Combined with the installation of a temperamental photocopier at the local public library, it allowed me to assemble a three-ring binder full of interesting material to fold into the […]

It’s only fitting that I follow up last week’s post about the Best of Dragon with a sourcebook that was essentially an officially sanctioned, hardbound edition of those “house rules” anthologies. I picked up Unearthed Arcana at Toys R Us for a tenner. At the time, I wasn’t sure what to make of the book. […]

My transition from “basic” Dungeons & Dragons to the “advanced” ruleset was as piecemeal as it was protracted. The hardcover AD&D sourcebooks were expensive and my funds were limited, which meant I had to content myself with whatever deeply discounted bits of inventory could be found in the dwindling remnant of the local Toys ‘R’ […]

While I was going to shelve Role-Playing with the Changes for the duration of the Halloween Countdown, the next item on the feature’s chronological to-do list just so happened to dovetail quite nicely with the spooky season theme. I got into Dungeons & Dragons at the extreme tail end of the game’s faddish high-water mark […]

Although my first direct experience with Dungeons & Dragons left me with a desire to delve deeper into the hobby, it would be a good four months before I got around to acting on that particular urge. The most formidable obstacle on that front was the financial one. Role playing game stuff carries a steep […]

My first pen ‘n’ paper role playing game experience happened — hold on, this deserves some appropriate mood music: Perfect. Okay, my first pen ‘n’ paper role playing game experience happened in the spring of 1986, during my buddy Scott’s annual birthday sleepover party. I was the only neighborhood (technically, though I’d moved to Woburn […]

By some weird twist of fate, buy viagra Prince’s passing happened right in the middle of my muddling through Billboard‘s mid-Eighties archives, see an era which saw the Purple One’s unquestioned ascendancy into the Big Pop Pantheon alongside the King of Pop, the Boss, and the Material Girl. What had been a matter of thread-weaving […]

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