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Although my first direct experience with Dungeons & Dragons left me with a desire to delve deeper into the hobby, it would be a good four months before I got around to acting on that particular urge. The most formidable obstacle on that front was the financial one. Role playing game stuff carries a steep […]

My first pen ‘n’ paper role playing game experience happened — hold on, this deserves some appropriate mood music: Perfect. Okay, my first pen ‘n’ paper role playing game experience happened in the spring of 1986, during my buddy Scott’s annual birthday sleepover party. I was the only neighborhood (technically, though I’d moved to Woburn […]

By some weird twist of fate, Prince’s passing happened right in the middle of my muddling through Billboard‘s mid-Eighties archives, an era which saw the Purple One’s unquestioned ascendancy into the Big Pop Pantheon alongside the King of Pop, the Boss, and the Material Girl. What had been a matter of thread-weaving and data-processing has […]

Rad is what happened when the Grand Master of Vehicular Stunt Cinema attempted to apply his talents to the mid-Eighties teen movie mania, but with BMX bikes in place of gas-hungry avatars of American automotive decadence. It’s was a logical enough substitution,though a bit past the peak of the trend — in these parts, at […]

The process of elimination

March 9th, 2016

Despite all the after-the-fact affection given to the Golden Age of Home Video, the truth is that crushing disappointment was the real currency of that mythologized era. Folks remember the luridly alluring box art but tend to forget the cheapjack garbage that it was commissioned to sell, crimes against cinema so dire that no amount […]

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