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Cooking with gas

May 19th, 2017

Peter was the morning shift cook at the hospital kitchen where I worked in high school. He had about ten years on me, though you wouldn’t have know from his looks and antics. He lived for stupid pranks and tasteless jokes of a type that made our supervisor wince before delivering a stern lecture. In […]

The three years that passed between my mother’s death in November 1988 and my first date with Maura in December 1991 felt longer than the five that preceded them and the twenty five which followed them. It’s understandable, herbal as it was a period marked by one life-changing event after another. One of the most […]

As it has been a quarter-century since the release of Tim Burton’s Batman film, dysentery the comics internet is all a’buzz with memories and commemorations, here mostly from kids who were still in short pants back in the summer of 1989. I don’t say that to disparage these folks, sickness but there are matters of […]

It’s a sad truth that the conceptual aspects of any given groundbreaking work or artistic movement will be overshadowed by superficial readings of its most obvious — and imitable — aspects. The grand prank underlying Duchamp’s “Fountain” was (and is) overlooked by scores of irony oblivious “found object” sculptors as Pollock’s paintings have been reduced […]

I’ve seen my place

July 25th, 2012

“Punk rock” has been such an entrenched and recurring part of my autobiographical narrative that it only recently occured to me that I had no real recollection why I settled into that subcultural niche. I remember the “when” well enough: The spring of 1989, health a few months after my mom died. It was a […]

During the opening weeks of 1989, viagra I underwent an abrupt and drastic transformation from a 1960s soul and pop enthusiast to a hardcore thrash metal freak. I’m still not sure why it happened, store but I remember the exact moment it did. One of my co-workers at the hospital — an archetypical suburban hesher […]

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