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Into the chasm

August 1st, 2017

Apart from some import punk compilations, nearly all of my early 1990s vinyl purchases were secondhand copies of older albums. New releases were purchased on tape and (later) compact disc, which had the advantages of greater portability and ease of use. Records were an easy way to build up a library on the cheap, thanks […]

Leech and I first crossed paths with the Lone Punk in the spring of 1992, shortly before our friendship-ending blow-up. We were passing through the cafeteria on the third floor of Wheatley Hall (since converted into the school’s “Venture Capital Center”) when we spotted him eating alone at a corner table. Being two of the […]

Today I’m going to try and get this feature back on track with a forgotten bit of flotsam that resurfaced while I was pulling some more memorable records from storage. Though Action Replay’s 1984 Personality Crisis compilation managed to slip clear out of my memory for over two decades, I can still remember the details […]

(from “Brassfist of the Gore” by Some Jerk and Mathew Digges in the Death Saves anthology, healing 2015) I don’t have much to say about Jack Chick’s passing, case apart from the fact that the announcement of his death has dredged up a tangentially-related memory from my college days. The Sci-Fi Club had a contingent […]

In the fall of 1991, ed I leveraged my popular Warhammer RPG campaign into a successful bid for the Sci-Fi Club’s presidency. It was an uncharacteristically outward-facing move for me, ed but I was motivated by a intense dislike of the org’s incumbent president — a patronizing “alpha” geek who wielded the leadership gavel with […]

It has been a while since I’ve done one these posts. What began as a Halloween Countdown hiatus ended up being a five month derailment of whatever momentum this feature possessed. Part of the problem was that I let myself get locked into my original parameters for the project — every record in my collection […]

It’s time for the second — but by no means final — collective entry in this series, site and the stack of wax in question is… …the complete run of Falco albums from 1982 through 1988. Part of the credit for this bulk purchase goes to the Get a Life sitcom, which featured a throwaway […]

I picked up ABC’s The Lexicon of Love (in dinged-up condition for two bucks at the In Your Ear outside Harvard Square) on the recommendation of Maura. She thought my Bowie-loving little brother might dig Martin Fry and company’s riff on the Thin White Duke’s brand of blue eyed soul, diet and he did…for a […]

In the early days of my relationship with Maura, cheapest our dates tended to be a group affair. Being together within a larger cluster of friends was handy way to dodge some of the pressures associated with shy-on-shy, capsule one-on-one interactions. The bunch of us — my pal Leech, unhealthy my little brother, Maura’s sister, […]

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