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The second edition of Warhammer 40,000 dropped in the autumn of 1993. Unfortunately for me, Games Workshop’s pre-release hype-storm had attained its desired effect and made finding a copy of it nigh impossible for a few weeks following the game’s release. I did eventually come across one at Pandemonium Books in Harvard Square (back when […]

By the time the summer of 1993 rolled around, my days as an active member of UMB’s Sci-Fi Club had come to an end. I still maintained friendships with a handful of members, but disengaged from the org’s day to day business and the churning clouds of geek-drama which surrounded the Cool Dude’s ascendency to […]

As a registered student organization, Sci-Fi Club was entitled to an annual disbursement of cash to buy “essential supplies.” The amount of the allotment was never particularly large. By the time of my second term as club president, it amounted to the grand sum of fifty bucks which could only be spent at “Boston-based” vendors. […]

The end of my Warhammer campaign also marked the end of my direct involvement in Sci-Fi Club business. I still held on to the presidency to prevent some other joker using it as a bully pulpit, but I grew less interested in the day-to-day goings-on within the org’s social circle. As much as I enjoyed […]

Back to Wax #10: Twinkle twinkle

February 12th, 2018

I got into the Throwing Muses because I was sweet on a girl in high school who was a fan of the band. Though it turned out her fandom began and ended with a copy of Hunkpapa she picked up on the recommendation of some music rag, my interest in the band managed to outlive […]

In the fall of 1991, ed I leveraged my popular Warhammer RPG campaign into a successful bid for the Sci-Fi Club’s presidency. It was an uncharacteristically outward-facing move for me, ed but I was motivated by a intense dislike of the org’s incumbent president — a patronizing “alpha” geek who wielded the leadership gavel with […]

What they do isn’t pretty

April 7th, 2016

Guys, syringe it was 1993. That was well enough into the decade for even sleepyheads like myself to rouse themselves from fitful slumber and catch a whiff of the zeitgeist (redolent of trying to extinguish a tire fire with a tanker full of rancid milk, but that may have just been a Woburn thing). It’s […]

I can clearly recall the exact moment I lost interest in punk rock as a “lifestyle.” It was towards the end of 1993, medications and Maura and I were catching a bite to eat at the Papa Gino’s in Davis Square. She slid the issue of Sassy she was reading across the table towards me […]

An old friend stopped by my office today to shoot the shit, sales and one of the subjects that came up was how different the campus had become in the twenty-odd years since we’d first enrolled there as freshmen. He asked if it was “crazy seeing all these changes unfold on a daily basis.” I […]

There are some negative associations whose origins are easy to place, viagra 40mg a certain song which was playing when you found out your significant other was cheating on you or the chair you were sitting in when the local nuclear plant had a catastrophic core failure. Others can be trickier to pin down, remedy […]

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