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Funeral party like it’s

January 24th, 2019

On being a highlight reel of items from the January 1999 issue of Spin, which will induce crippling existential dread in folks of above a certain age and utter bafflement in those below it. Management assumes no responsibility for any incidents of spontaneous desiccation that may occur.

My first “real” PC was a Celeron II eMachine purchased during the wild and wooly dot-com salad days of 1999. It was sold as part of a incredibly cheap bundle (including monitor, scanner, and printer) by Value America, who subsidized the too-good-to-be-true sale price with its rapidly shrinking pool of investor capital. (This was probably […]

After experiencing a bout of ennui regarding my current roster of videogame distractions, I decided to revisit a fondly remembered relic of the scene’s late Nineties “Golden Age.” Created by Game Arts (the folks behind the beloved Lunar series), Grandia was supposed to be the Sega Saturn’s moment to truly shine — an epic, visually […]

I was going to post the second entry in the role-playing game series today, but then I looked down at the corner of my monitor and noticed today’s date — 9/9/16, which makes today the seventeenth anniversary of the Sega Dreamcast’s launch. As the official record shows, I’ve had historical affection for Sega and its […]

Saying that you don’t care for Prince would be an invite to be mobbed by an angry horde even before today’s tragic news. Restating it now is simply begging to be strung up then torn to bloody shreds. It doesn’t make it less true, though. I,Andrew Otis Weiss,do not like Prince’s music. It has nothing […]

Surrender isn’t my favorite album by The Chemical Brothers. It doesn’t even rank in my top three releases by the Manchester big beat duo. Its inclusion as an Album That Meant Something stems from how I acquired my copy of the CD, implant which was purchased upon its June 1999 release from an up-an-coming online […]

Don’t want to see a thing

December 27th, 2011

In the closing years of the previous millennium, visit this site back before I finally gave up on higher education and settled into the world of full time employment, sanitary I used to spend Friday afternoons at Maura’s place. There I would pass the time until she got home from work by chugging warm ginger […]

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