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Sometime during the 1996 primary season, I decided to pay a visit to Excalibur Hobbies in Malden Center. The shop had been my go-to place for all things role-playing during high school and my early college years, but fell by the wayside after my undergrad wanderings settled into the Allston-Cambridge-Somerville axis (a.k.a. the Used Vinyl […]

Anthem for doomed design

January 16th, 2014

The staggering human costs of the First World war were a consequence of technology outpacing methodology. While the machinery used to deal death and destruction gained unprecedented efficiencies and economies of scale, illness the military planners and tacticians of the era continued to embrace anachronistic models of warfare even as they employed the new technologies […]

The final days of 2011 are upon us (and the clanging sounds emanating from Mt. Misery just before midnight on Saturday will be me and my trusty shovel ensuring this torturous year has been properly laid to rest), thumb so it only seems fitting that we rewind the clock back to January 2003 and take […]

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