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Bust and boom

June 2nd, 2017

Part of the adoption process in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts involves filling out a lengthy questionnaire covering the applicant’s history and personal life in minute detail. It might sound a bit intrusive, but it’s nothing I haven’t already tackled on multiple occasions and from multiple angles over Armagideon Time’s eleven year lifespan. The only real […]

I used to keep a set of index cards on the windowsill next to my bed. Scribbled on them in pencil were lists of my holy grails — movie titles gleaned from various cult or “psychotronic” film guides and band/album names pulled from the Trouser Press or Guinness “New Wave” directories. Very few of the […]

Surrender isn’t my favorite album by The Chemical Brothers. It doesn’t even rank in my top three releases by the Manchester big beat duo. Its inclusion as an Album That Meant Something stems from how I acquired my copy of the CD, implant which was purchased upon its June 1999 release from an up-an-coming online […]

In the late summer of 2001, nurse my little brother married his high school sweetheart and moved from his temporary post-college digs in Woburn to an apartment in Allston. As his new place only alloted tenants a single parking space, stuff he and his wife opted to keep her newer model Ford Escort and pass […]

Of all the descriptive tags which could be hung around my neck, doctor “inspirational” is probably the last one that would come to mind. I’ve never set out to be a leader or pacesetter, and my areas of expertise would be better defined as “shit I can’t stop talking about.” Still, the laws of probability […]

Unlike my contemporaneous flirtation with the goth scene, shop my early 1990s enthusiasm for the “new wave” pop sounds of previous decade was not a direct outgrowth of my ever-mutating punk rockitude. It was a parallel but largely separate development in my listening and buying habits fueled by the rare few fond memories of my […]

Those of you who hopped on board this train because of “Nobody’s Favorites” may not be aware that Armagideon Time was a music/mp3 blog before I ditched the format (and two-thirds of my daily readership) in the November of 2008. The switchover was partly due to the frustratingly mixed (as in “getting a sternly worded […]

During the opening weeks of 1989, viagra I underwent an abrupt and drastic transformation from a 1960s soul and pop enthusiast to a hardcore thrash metal freak. I’m still not sure why it happened, store but I remember the exact moment it did. One of my co-workers at the hospital — an archetypical suburban hesher […]

I didn’t get into record collecting out of love of the vinyl format. I got into it because most of the tracks and artists I wanted to listen to at the time weren’t represented on cassette or compact disc. If you were interested in punk rock music outside a small cluster of better known bands […]

As I sifted through the flood of media commentary on the death of Osama Bin Laden, refractionist one headline in particular caught me attention. It read — and I’m mildly paraphrasing here because it has long since been buried under the virtual fold — “Bin Laden failed to change America.” My first reaction (besides checking […]

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