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Back to Wax #47: Off we go

March 26th, 2019

My attempt to revisit the first two seasons of Star Blazers last year began as an exercise in childhood nostalgia and ended on a far more somber note than I’d anticipated, thanks to my decision to switch over to the no-punches-pulled original Japanese episodes halfway through. It was a traumatic enough experience to cool my […]

We must be strong and brave

November 8th, 2018

On an overcast afternoon, some time in 1980, my father picked me up at elementary school and dropped me off at my maternal grandparents’ place. I can’t remember the reason for this break in regular routine, but there did always seem to be some minor crisis going on with my family in those days. The […]

After scoring the full set of Bubblegum Crisis RPG supplements, I decided to splurge on another of R. Talsorian’s anime-themed licensed efforts… ….the Armored Trooper VOTOMS: The Roleplaying Game published in 1997 and still warming a shelf at Pandemonium Books half a decade later. VOTOMS was one of the bigger entries in the mecha-themed space […]

The end of my Warhammer campaign also marked the end of my direct involvement in Sci-Fi Club business. I still held on to the presidency to prevent some other joker using it as a bully pulpit, but I grew less interested in the day-to-day goings-on within the org’s social circle. As much as I enjoyed […]

Toward the tail end of the Summer of 1987, I began spending less time with my buddy Scott. There was no drama or ill-will behind this slow drift. Scott was a hyper-motivated Type A personality on a fast track to success, and that brought a host of CV-building obligations that cut into his free time. […]

There and mech again

September 24th, 2015

There comes a point during any conversations with my brother about the comics scene when he will declare “I’m not a comics fan. I’m a superhero comics fan.” He knows his little niche of fandom and he enjoys it without illusions about its tropes (and often quite silly) genre conventions. A similar statement of qualification […]

Gotcha, man

April 29th, 2015

The October, cure 24 1981 issue of Billboard included a “special insert” about the state of the Latin American music scene. Specific content (and understandably heavy bilingual slant) aside, visit this site it was fairly typical for the publication’s spotlight features which mixed market surveys and areas of profit-making potential alongside copious lashings of back-patting […]

As entertaining (and easy) it may be to mercilessly mock some ill-conceived backbenched dredged up from the dregs of funnybook history, prescription that was never intended to be the purpose of Nobody’s Favorites. There’s no denying that facile snark brings in the readers, prostate but this feature was supposed to be a response to the […]

Being a Japanese animation fan in the early 1990s meant getting your fix where you could –be it grainy unsubbed bootleg VHS tapes, order xeroxed fanzines or, site in my case, a third-rate Genesis action-platformer with static anime-inspired cutscenes. The game in question was Valis III, the third installment of Telenet’s epic cross-platform tale of […]

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