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After maintaining a site like this for over a decade, one eventually runs out of new insights or cute anecdotes when a significant date rolls around. On this day in 2004, I married my partner of thirteen years in a small (and very strange) ceremony at the Tufts University chapel. The next day we moved […]

Half post eleven

May 3rd, 2017

You know the drill. You start something on a whim. It gets some positive feedback. It becomes an obsession. For a brief moment, you feel like you’re on the verge of bigger things. You suffer a crisis of confidence and a cluster of setbacks. You try to re-tool things, but can never quite re-capture the […]

A date that will live in infamy

December 7th, 2016

It’s the evening of December 7, 1991. I am sitting on a bench outside the movie theater in Copley Plaza, waiting for my date to arrive. I am terrified. This is more than the typical first date jitters. The woman I’m waiting for is a fellow member of the UMass Boston’s Sci-Fi Club. I’ve known […]

No longer busy being born

November 30th, 2016

I made it clear to noontime before I remembered today marks the twenty-eight anniversary of my mother’s death. There are been more immediate concerns as of late, fresh wounds in need of suturing that have taken priority over the luxury of worrying an ugly but ancient scar. The ever-growing temporal gulf between Then and Now […]

Twelve years ago this afternoon, at the Tufts Chapel in Medford in the shadow of the Red Sox’s 2004 World Series win, the Queen of Animals and I made it official. Recommended listening: Echo and The Bunnymen – The Killing Moon (from Ocean Rain, 1984)

I was going to post second entry in the role-playing game series today, misbirth but then I looked down at the corner of my monitor and noticed today’s date — 9/9/16, approved which makes today the seventeenth anniversary of the Sega Dreamcast’s launch. As the official record shows, I’ve had historical affection for Sega and […]


May 3rd, 2016

There have been several occasions where videogames have seen me through some rough patches in my life. The active engagement required in playing certain games helped to distract me from my problems long enough for them to subside or be dealt with properly. I mitigated the agonizing pain of last year’s pair of abscessed teeth […]

It was a Golden Age, steroids my young friend. Oh, resuscitation it was crude and lacking by the contemporary standards, but it was a glorious revolution for those of us who remember the Days Before. No longer were we at the whims of airwaves or revival house programmers. Each of us — providing we possessed […]

It begins after you fall in with a group of geek bloggers and decide to toss your own hat into the virtual ring. You pick a name and an angle, and work on developing a distinct voice. At first you’re writing for an audience of dozens, viagra approved but eventually folks begin to take notice. […]

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