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The company that became Charlton was born between two fellows doing time in New Haven County Jail, an attorney and a bricklayer who’d been sent up for publishing song lyric collections without the permission of the copyright-holders. Together, they decided to put a legit spin on that hustle by founding a publishing concern to release […]

Of the course of this feature, erectile I’ve made several references to the Great Back Issue Buying Spree of the late 1990s. It was a significant event in the development of my comics fandom, yet it began due to a chance turn of events. Sometime during the summer of 1997 or so, I was supposed […]

In the musty limbo of Nobody’s Favorites, look there is bad… …and then there is the awfulness that can only be achieved by a lower-tier publisher trying to cash in upon a popular trend on the cheap. Having scooped up the publishing rights for the long-fallow¬†Blue Beetle franchise, Charlton Comics set about repurposing the two-fisted¬†crimefighter […]

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