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Boot it up and start over

April 10th, 2019

After feeling a bit burnt out on Destiny 2, I decided to do another Fallout 4 playthough. This one was going to be a “pure” Minutemen run, where’d I’d ignore as much of the (lousy) main plot as possible and instead concentrate on organizing the scattered settlements of the post-war Commonwealth into something resembling an […]

My purchase of the second edition Warhammer 40k box set in the autumn of 1993 was followed by the acquisition of the Dark Millennium supplement (containing shit that should’ve been in the core game), various “army books” containing unit lists and force composition rules, and a staggering array of figures and vehicles purchases through Games […]

The Long Game: Went and had a go

November 20th, 2012

Though I spent less than an hour with the Demon’s Souls before ditching it in favor Valkyria Chronicles, valeologist I’ve recently begun to muck around with its multiplatform semi-sequel, Dark Souls. Both titles have been praised to the nines by journos and fanboys seeking to assert their “hardcore” credentials in the face of the “casual” […]

Resident Evil wasn’t the first game I bought for the original Playstation — that honor goes to Persona — but it did round out a much-played second tier roster of titles (including Tomb Raider and WipeOut 2) that exemplifed the Bold New Polygonal World of Gaming. Despite the clunky controls and Community Theater of the […]

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