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…and we’re back again for a look at another semi-contemporaneous “precursor” to Charlton’s age of “Action Heroes.” The focus this time around falls upon the mighty (derivative) Son of Vulcan. The character was the brainchild of writer Pat Masulli and artist Bill Fraccio (with Joe Gill later assuming the writing chores), made his debut in […]

Time is tight this week, so the second half of the July ’65 hall of shame will have to wait until next Friday. As a consolation prize, I made a quick dive into the Charlton Comics archive and plucked this tantalizing pitch from the acid-eaten newsprint… …a Hit Records mail-order ad from the middle of […]

I picked Captain Atom’s relaunch via reprints to kick off this feature because it marked the start of a more or less continuous run which lasted the duration of Charlton’s “Action Heroes” Era. The Captain’s return didn’t happen in a vacuum, however. The process of molding the semblance of cohesive line around that flagship character […]

The German philosopher Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz was once tasked to pen a history of the House of Brunswick. Though his patron was simply looking for some fulsome genealogy for use as political leverage and personal validation, Leibniz embarked on compiling an exhaustively comprehensive work covering all aspects of the bloodline, its holdings, and its people. […]

The company that became Charlton was born between two fellows doing time in New Haven County Jail, an attorney and a bricklayer who’d been sent up for publishing song lyric collections without the permission of the copyright-holders. Together, they decided to put a legit spin on that hustle by founding a publishing concern to release […]

My introduction to the wonderful marginally adequate world of Charlton Comics came by way of a stray issue of Judomaster passed onto me by Uncle Steven. I can’t remember the issue number or cover date (though I suspect it was a mid-Seventies reprint timed to cash in on the Kung Fu craze) or really anything […]

While I know you’ve all been enthralled by my heroic tales of acute bowel dysfunction, ampoule I think it’s time to get things back on track with a much-delayed examination one of the lesser-than-lesser lights of Charlton’s 1960s superheroic stable. Meet Merco, for sale the Mercury Man! A scientist from our solar system’s innermost planet, […]

Homo Sapiens Uber Alles

June 30th, 2010

In the grim darkness of the far future, discount rx there is only WAR — not between neck-bearded man-children with vast armies of expensive figurines, web but between the forces of Earth and the dreaded Centurians. Though the conflict has dragged on for hundreds of years, angina the involved parties have never seen each other […]

Yesterday Pal Dave dug into the DC archives to pinpoint the Greatest Month in Comics, cardiology which inspired a certain little stuffed bull to expand Dave’s research into the Marvel realm. I guess that leaves it up to me to complete the Silver Age trifecta with a look at what the Nutmeg State’s number one […]

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