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Howling wilderness

November 14th, 2017

I mean, kids are always getting into trouble, whatever, no big deal. But I think about some of the shit @ThatWeissGuy posts about all the time and wonder how he or anyone in Massachusetts is alive at all. — Smart Mark Hale (@ChaosMonkey) November 14, 2017 For some reason, Mark’s comment got me to thinking […]

Home is where the chaos is

November 3rd, 2017

None of my family’s living spaces had a unified “design aesthetic” when I was growing up. My mother tried to impose a retro Thirties style on the duplex we moved into during the mid-Eighties, but the project got sidelined by the intensifying maelstrom of domestic dysfunction. Our places were decked in a catch-as-catch-can hodgepodge of […]

The Seventies were a boom time for paranormal wankery packaged as documented truth. The stuff was ubiquitous and inescapable, and it propagated itself across every available medium. Even respectable news venues got in on the act with bits of dodgy nonsense about UFO sightings and ESP filling the gaps between reports on more mundane manifestations […]

The last Noel

December 23rd, 2016

The 1987 holiday season was the last one I spent with my mother, and gave every impression of becoming the worst Christmas ever. My father was away at the time, sent up to a court-mandated stay at a rehab facility after a cop found him pulled over on a roadside. My dad was trying to […]

A good percentage of my childhood comics collection came from flea markets, where the unsalable overstock of the still-unfolding Bronze Age was dumped into battered longboxes and sold for two bits a pop. New issues were a prized rarity — and a double-edged sword, because a cliff-hanger ending could leave one dangling for months or […]

A scar is born

September 29th, 2016

On the left side of my head, right below my hairline, resides a prominent scar in the shape of a lopsided “v.” It’s most noticeable after I get my gradually graying locks buzzed, as it surrounded by a hair-denuded halo that makes me look like I’m sporting an asymmetric widow’s peak. The scar is a […]

The eternal scream

July 21st, 2014

“Our technicians have been working overtime to find new and more efficient ways to combine greasepaint, abortion papier-mâché, illness and community theater rejects into the raw stuff of nightmares! What better way to capture the true meaning of childhood than to seize the articles of of abstract whimsy and transform them into hellishly reality? “We […]

No exploration of Gen X childhood fears would be complete without an appearance from this individual of wealth and taste… The 1970s were a boom time for Satan and his manyfold media manifestations. Films, more about comics, TV, books, or pop music — it seemed like Ol’ Scratch was everywhere, serving as the unsettling muse […]

“Don’t forget bottomless pits” said my wife during the conversation which spawned this Sunday spotlight on old childhood terrors, and so we turn our attention toward the trackless depths. The concept of bottomless pits — like the giant clams and quicksand bogs discussed the previous posts — reflects an all-consuming form of terror from below. […]

The honor of being this Sunday’s Terror from Childhoods Past goes to Tridacna gigas… …otherwise known as the giant clam. This harmless (and endangered) creature’s percieved aura of menace can be chalked up to a number of factors. While the Freudian connotations of a supposedly “man-eating clam” are impossible to miss… …the lion’s share of […]

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