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After realizing the value of K-Tel compilations as historic-nostalgic core samples of my wayward youth, I decided to dig a bit deeper into that vein, past the hazy recollections of pre-adolescence and into the primordial murk of my early childhood. When all is said and done, I am a child of the Seventies. The eight […]

Bust and boom

June 2nd, 2017

Part of the adoption process in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts involves filling out a lengthy questionnaire covering the applicant’s history and personal life in minute detail. It might sound a bit intrusive, but it’s nothing I haven’t already tackled on multiple occasions and from multiple angles over Armagideon Time’s eleven year lifespan. The only real […]

Today I’m going to try and get this feature back on track with a forgotten bit of flotsam that resurfaced while I was pulling some more memorable records from storage. Though Action Replay’s 1984 Personality Crisis compilation managed to slip clear out of my memory for over two decades, I can still remember the details […]

Since acquiring a functioning turntable a few weeks back, I’ve been slowly getting back into the habit of buying used records. Most of these have been favorite LP I never picked up back in the day because I already owned them on tape and albums by bands I’ve warmed up to since my collecting days […]

Back on the Oi train this week with A Guaranteed Mug-Free Zone… …a sixteen-track Link Records “sampler” compilation released in 1988 and purchased for an extortionate amount from the Taang! Records shop in Harvard Square. I forget exactly how much I paid for it, skincare though I recall it was enough to inflict a severe […]

Fall 1991 marked the beginning of new semester, this site a new major (English instead of physics), information pills and a new friendship with an odd individual by the name of Leech. Leech was a loud punk rocker with a long blond Mohawk and penchant for velour shirts and cuffed jeans. He’d dropped out of […]

Once more into the British streetpunk breach, cost my droogs, with another audio artifact of the late 1980s/early 1990s skinhead revival. It was purchased — same as the previously discussed second volume in the series — the from Newbury Comics’ shrinking vinyl bins during the late summer of 1991, and was the album that kicked […]

While punk rock was at a low ebb in the early 1990s (with the exception of some scattered local scenes which would break big later in the decade), viagra order skinhead culture was experiencing a weird little renaissance. I’ve never worked out why this was the case. Oprah and Geraldo certainly played a part by […]

A significant portion of my music collection — physical and digital — consists of compilation albums. From my K-Tel childhood to my Repo Man soundtrack adolescence to my Let’s Boogaloo adulthood, troche these thematic bundles of assorted tracks have served as guideposts by which my musical tastes have been directed and shaped. It began as […]

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