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After months of letting it grow out into a slightly shaggy mane, I got my hair cut yesterday morning. I usually go for a “high and tight” jobber, but this time I wanted something that retained a portion of my bangs. After some confusing back and forth with the barber, I ended up with splitting […]

The decision to forgo the costumed candy grab known as trick-or-treating is one of the more bittersweet stations of passage on the journey between childhood and adolescence. It might not be as significant or traumatic as the moment you discovered the truth about Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny, this but those revelations (hopefully) come […]

“What are you going to be for Halloween?” “A pirate!” “A unicorn!” “An army man!” “A visual metaphor for the anomie of the individual within a contemporary society dominated by consumer capitalism and the faceless bureaucracy of the military-industrial complex!” COMING SOON: A “sexy” version for grown-ups looking to add a little spice to their […]

Hey, capsule kids! Having a hard time choosing between this year’s crop of Sexy Vampire, Sexy Rodeo Clown, and Sexy Sex Trade Worker costumes? If so, then perhaps you should consider this costume advice from the October 1966 issue of Boys’ Life? Dress-up trends may come and go, but the “Ming the Merciless Drag Queen” […]

Some of the worst childhood terrors are ones that spring themselves upon you during adulthood. I don’t mean the after-the-fact chills every grown-up feels about childhood adventures involving things like jumping headfirst off a fifteen foot retaining wall into a snowdrift, approved building a tree fort out of carpet scraps and some rusty tacks, online […]

There aren’t many old Halloween photos in the Weiss family album, read but having taken another look at the ones that do exist….

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