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From the summer of 1990 through the spring of 1991, I regularly listened to WMBR. The scrappy little underdog of Boston’s alt-and-college radio was broadcast out of MIT, nestled at the bottom of the FM band and sporting a signal that managed to reach the wooly wilds of Woburn with little static or distortion. I’m […]

Sometime in the autumn of 1989, I stumbled across a glowing magazine review for the Dungeon Lairs. The box set supplement was a Games Workshop effort which followed up on the publisher’s previous sets of mix-and-match tiles aimed at bring ease-of-use and some visual flair to table-top RPG loot crawls. As the title suggested, Dungeon […]

Into the chasm

August 1st, 2017

Apart from some import punk compilations, nearly all of my early 1990s vinyl purchases were secondhand copies of older albums. New releases were purchased on tape and (later) compact disc, which had the advantages of greater portability and ease of use. Records were an easy way to build up a library on the cheap, thanks […]

This feature has returned from its five-month hiatus with a album that slipped through the cracks of my increasingly shaky memory. I suppose it was inevitable that there’d be a few gaps in the chronology, as I have a shit-ton of records and the task of reconstructing a chronology of events that took place over […]

A token force

December 16th, 2014

Here’s something that should be familiar to funnybook readers of the early 1980s… …an ad for MPC’s “golden token” promotion, buy where young model builders (back when such a thing still existed) could redeem some jumped-up proofs of purchase in exchange for build-it-yourself freebies. While I could never bring myself to mutilate the inside front […]

A few years ago, website my wife came home from one of her estate sale adventures with a enormous crate of LPs, a entire record collection boxed up and sold for a fiver. The albums were (with the puzzling exception of a still-shrinkwrapped copy of Born in the USA) all easy listening and “beautiful music” […]

Bloodstains across Riverdale

February 17th, 2010

I fell into the late 80′s punk scene for three main reasons — the sense of dislocation caused by my mom’s death in the November of 1988, viagra dosage Repo Man, and my growing disgust with the po’ faced onanism of the speed metal crowd.  The appeal lay in the fact that it allowed geeky […]

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