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“There is always a disco version.” That qualified truism became a recurring in-joke in our house last autumn, as my excavation of childhood nostalgia hit a rich vein of film and TV soundtrack singles from the latter half of the 1970s. The film-score-to-dance-floor phenomenon didn’t start with Meco’s “Star Wars Theme/Cantina Band,” but the stratospheric […]

(from the 11/12/1977 issue of Billboard) While the glitterati cavorted in a costumed coke-haze and New York’s finest tried to prevent a real-life disco inferno, an equally absurd scene was going down in the suburbs northwest of Boston. A downside of having an artist for parent is that you tend to find yourself serving as […]

For our second seasonal trip to the necropolis of Nobody’s Favorites, we’re going to check in with a diabolic damsel from the dying days of disco. Ladies and gentlemen, bats and ghouls, slip on your finest pair of boogie shoes and say hello to the Satin Satan. Also known as “Sabrina Sultress,” this Bianca Jagger-esque […]

O Holy Night Fever

September 30th, 2016

It’s 1979 and the Sears Wish Book wants people to give the greatest gift of all — HOME DISCO TECHNOLOGY. I guess Steve Dahl’s block on WLUP didn’t carry as far as Santa’s Workshop. While I feel a strong sense of after-the-fact pity for any poor soul who got this stuff in their holiday haul, […]

Love to haunt you, baby

June 27th, 2014

DC’s 1970s horror comics didn’t really deliver when it came to spine-chilling scares, medications but they did excel at taking an enticing high concepts and whizzing any potential it might have had down its narrative leg. A heartbreaking example of this can be found in Ghosts #90 (July 1980), viagra which teased readers with the […]

Dazzler is one of those characters — alongside Gambit and the android Red Tornado — who would instantly qualify for Nobody’s Favorite status…if they didn’t possess an inexplicable and quite vociferous fanbase. The mutant disco (no affiliation) diva was an abortive bit of cross-media multimarketing, therapist an attempt to capture the power of the boogie […]

Staying alive

November 18th, 2013

(from Marvel Preview #16, this Fall 1978; by Steve Gerber, Gene Colan & Tony DeZuniga) It should come as no surprise that vampires experienced an uptick in popularity during the Seventies. The themes of addiction and infection, seduction and predation dovetailed nicely into an era marked by hedonistic excess and sympathetic portrayals of the antiheroic […]

Who are you taking for a ride

September 27th, 2013

The nation is in the throes of economic malaise. Good-paying union jobs — the backbone of America’s post-war prosperity and middle class expansion — are vanishing by the thousands. Spiking energy costs and unchecked inflation have conspired with a deep-seated culture of managerial complacency to thrust an unprepared populace into the uncertain world of a […]

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