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After successfully completing a marathon playthrough of the Temple of Elemental Evil “mega-module,” my little brother and my new buddy Scott were itching to take their absurdly overpowered characters to new heights of loot-intensive glory. As it happened, I had just the adventure for them…. …The Mines of Bloodstone. A follow-up on what had intended […]

Though my attempt to run Tomb of Horrors turned out to be a glacially paced fiasco, it did result in a new friendship with yet another kid named Scott. Scott lived two streets over from me and that geographical proximity led to Scott spending a good deal of time at my place during the summer […]

This installment is going to wander a bit, so let’s get the basics out of the way first. I purchased my copy of AD&D’s Monster Manual II at the Paperback Booksmith at the Woburn Mall, right before a Saturday afternoon daytrip with my family to Lowell. Even though the store had the original Monster Manual […]

It’s only fitting that I follow up last week’s post about the Best of Dragon with a sourcebook that was essentially an officially sanctioned, online hardbound edition of those “house rules” anthologies. I picked up Unearthed Arcana at Toys R Us for a tenner. At the time, medications I wasn’t sure what to make of […]

The gyre may be widening and the center failing to hold, approved but I’m not going to let a little thing like the heat death of liberal democracy keep me from updating this pitiful remnant of a once popular website. The world may crumble, but I’ve still got three decades of role playing game memories […]

While I was going to shelve Role-Playing with the Changes for the duration of the Halloween Countdown, sale the next item on the feature’s chronological to-do list just so happened to dovetail quite nicely with the spooky season theme. I got into Dungeons & Dragons at the extreme tail end of the game’s faddish high-water […]

Although my first direct experience with Dungeons & Dragons left me with a desire to delve deeper into the hobby, anabolics it would be a good four months before I got around to acting on that particular urge. The most formidable obstacle on that front was the financial one. Role playing game stuff carries a […]

My first pen ‘n’ paper role playing game experience happened — hold on, view this deserves some appropriate mood music: Perfect. Okay, my first pen ‘n’ paper role playing game experience happened in the spring of 1986, during my buddy Scott’s annual birthday sleepover party. I was the only neighborhood (technically, though I’d moved to […]

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