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I may not be feeling this spooky season as strongly this year, but it’s not for a lack of trying. As part of my not-quite-successful attempts to kickstart the chills and thrills, I recently purchased a pair of a seasonally appropriate soundtrack releases on glorious, overpriced vinyl. Both should be familiar to anyone who has […]

The purpose of this feature was to reconstruct a timeline of events through the lens of a hobby I adored through most of my teens and early adulthood. As we start to enter the final stretch, that timeline — and the personal connections that drove it — becomes a bit unraveled. For all intents and […]


May 3rd, 2016

Today marks the tenth anniversary of Armagideon Time. The site began its life as a music blog, though that conceit had all but fallen by the wayside when I migrated from Blogspot at the end of 2008. I have no idea what I expected would come out of this project. There was small part of […]

Boy, you’ve got to prove

January 12th, 2016

I didn’t post the above 1985 ad to point out that a novelization of Desperately Seeking Susan exists. Of course one did. It was a time when portable video was in its clunky, expensive infancy and current VHS hits ran for sixty non-adjusted bucks a pop. Novelizations were an integral part of the studios’ marketing […]

It begins after you fall in with a group of geek bloggers and decide to toss your own hat into the virtual ring. You pick a name and an angle, and work on developing a distinct voice. At first you’re writing for an audience of dozens, viagra approved but eventually folks begin to take notice. […]

As it has been a quarter-century since the release of Tim Burton’s Batman film, dysentery the comics internet is all a’buzz with memories and commemorations, here mostly from kids who were still in short pants back in the summer of 1989. I don’t say that to disparage these folks, sickness but there are matters of […]

Just a reminder…

December 4th, 2012

Fifties Dad… …gazed longingly at pastel peach suit jacket for half an hour before purchasing a charcoal gray one.

The Long Game: H-bomb baby

August 22nd, 2012

I got my Playstation 3 a year ago, more about after my wife into an unexpected inheiritance windfall and wanted to give me a “thank you” present for shouldering the lion’s share of the domestic burdens while she was laid up with a busted leg. I normally wouldn’t accept a reward for living up to […]

I was a nerdy kid born in 1972, sildenafil so it goes without saying that Star Wars cast a huge shadow over my childhood. My most memorable childhood trauma — after the time I nearly drowned during a trip to Plum Island when I was two — ties back to Star Wars. To celebrate my […]

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