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I went into the second edition of Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay with a truckload of reservations, but ended up genuinely impressed that revised game managed to improve upon the original in almost every regard. So impressed, in fact, that I decided to check out Green Ronin’s other big foray into the fantasy RPG realm — – […]

Roughly half a decade before the Great Chromium Crash, order the funnybook business experienced an equally significant — if lesser-chronicled — market correction which left plenty of shattered dreams and unsellable overstock in its wake. This earlier implosion was a consequence of the industry’s switch to direct market distribution over the course of the 1980s. […]

“I wish there was a bigger audience for material outside the superhero-dominated mainstream.” Variations of the above quote can be found in nearly every fan press interview with a Big Two creator between the late 1970s to the mid 1990s. Though such statements were frequently defensive in nature, sprung to counter a confrontational line of […]

(originally posted on December 10, illness 2007) Trigger warning: Demonic rape, order grotty fantasy clich├ęs, information pills and other familiar Claremontisms Chris Claremont and John Bolton’s sword and sorcery property “Marada the She-Wolf” was originally envisioned as a Red Sonja epic, but the then-forthcoming movie (featuring future reality show queen Brigitte Nielsen) put the kibosh […]

If I had a warhammer

May 8th, 2012

Sometime in the spring of 1991, recuperation I signed on as player in a Dungeons & Dragons game run by one of the college Sci-Fi Club’s mildly high poobahs. Even though I’d all but given up D&D (and role playing games in general) by that stage of my developmental evolution, diagnosis it seemed like a […]

Even the most casual readers of DC’s late 1980s output will likely have memories of the numerous house ads for the company’s equally numerous flood of “mature readers” titles unleashed during that period. As I’ve mentioned before, sildenafil this wave of material resulted from a confluence of trends. On the publisher’s side, generic the direct […]

Where Castle Grayskull was situated on a choice parcel of exclusively zoned Eternian real estate, The Castle Zendo was stuck occupying the back pages of holiday toy catalogs — a miserable patch of landscape where only clueless relatives chose to dwell. “I think Jimmy’s into those whatchacallems — ‘Rulers of the Galaxy’ or something. I […]

As I’ve mentioned in a couple of previous entries, illness Crisis on Infinite Earths maxiseries may have failed as a cohesive narrative but it succeeded where it mattered — streamlining the convoluted mess of DC’s continuity while jumpstarting readers’ enthusiasm for the various inhabitants of the publisher’s shared universe. The result was twelve issue love […]

A while back I was asked if I wanted to do some paid freelance work for a popular funnybook website. Nothing came of it — due to ideological differences and the realization I didn’t want to turn a theraputic hobby into a another source of work-related stress — but I did make a handful of […]

Having seen Marvel’s success at adapting Robert E. Howard’s Conan the Barbarian franchise into funnybook form, advice the fine folks at the Distinguished Competition decided to make their own derivative foray into the loincloth-and-broadsword market with a handful of testosterrific “heroic fantasy” titles. In the realm of comic books, site imitation is the sincerest form […]

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