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Let history divide

August 5th, 2016

Sit back, kids, and let me tell you about a not-so-distant era. An era when Blade Runner, John Carpenter’s remake of The Thing, and Repo Man were all critically panned. An era when the original Night of the Living Dead was tagged with a one-star review in weekly TV schedules and capsule review books. An […]

Too pure to be pink

December 2nd, 2015

Gee, search Mr. Donald Lachie of Youngwood, PA, perhaps you are right. In our rush to display our hip cynicism, we could very well have condemned an important cultural work without taking a moment to reflect upon its virtues and the truths it expresses about the human condition. Let us put aside our received wisdom […]

We’re an American brand

November 20th, 2015

Rock ‘n roll is on display, seek With a ton of shit to buy. It was meant to end that way, cheap though some folks will deny. I don’t care what people tell, information pills rock ‘n roll is here to sell. Rock ‘n roll will always be our ticket to the gold. It will […]

Song for Sunday #153 &154

November 15th, 2015

I got into the Buzzcocks in the autumn of 1991, valeologist after a punk rock pal in college duped me a cassette copy of (the then hard-to-find) Singles Going Steady. This was also around the time of the doomed six-week relationship with an art major, and the following two tracks from the compilation became the […]

Same bat-wavelength

September 8th, 2015

The above lede from a 1966 Shana Alexander LIFE feature column might seem like an early “hot take” test run, generic but there are a number of parallels in the evolution of both Batman and conservative punditry over the past half century. The crashed into mass consciousness as public spectacles which reveled in playful, read […]

One of my projects at last year’s Heroes Con was getting some favorite comics from my childhood signed by the folks who crafted them. For Roy Thomas, symptoms it was All-Star Squadron #35. For Pat Broderick, information pills it was Fury of Firestorm #1. For Bob MacLeod, it was New Mutants Annual #1. When I […]

This post marks the sixth anniversary of Nobody’s Favorites. To commemorate this event, ed I’ve decided to follow Pal Dave’s suggestion and shine some harsh light on a decidedly un-funnybook which I’ve danced around on previous occasions. That comic is Kingdom Come… …Mark Waid and Alex Ross’s serious answer to the most ludicrous of questions. […]

This man, this monster

May 22nd, 2015

I’m certain I’ve written about this before, see but I’m still flabbergasted that Stan Lee once defended Marvel’s policy of retaining original artwork by comparing it to those of South African diamond cartels.

Commissar: A political officer tasked with propagating and policing party orthodoxy within state or military organizations. The Execution of the Twenty Six Baku Commissars (1925) Falco (1981) Bela Lugosi (1939) Ronnie Jones (1982) Leonid Brezhnev (1942) Suzy Andrews (1982) White Dwarf (1990) Laura Branigan (1983) (from “I Was a Man in Hiding!” by Carl Wessler […]

And grabbing your attention

April 21st, 2015

Looking back, phimosis it seems like something out of a fever dream. “So there’s this frontman who dresses like a pirate and performs songs which combine Restoration Era decadence with ‘Burundi beat’ rhythms. The British teens can’t seem to get enough of him, so lets see if we can work up some stateside action.” That […]

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