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All Hallows Eve has arrived, and with it comes the end of this year’s spooky season festivities. This is normally the part where I’d indulge in an apologetic post-mortem, but I think this year’s countdown did well enough considering the personal distractions which accompanied it. A big thanks to all you fiends and friends who […]

We regret to inform you that today’s entry marks the end of this feature as a weekly thing. I started buying K-Tel collections because they were cheap and readily available nostalgia fodder. After a year of steadily mining that vein, I’ve pretty much tapped it out. There are still about a dozen K-Tel offerings on […]

(from “The Corpse” by Stan Lee and Russ Heath in Menace #6, August 1953) Okay, bats and ghouls, its time to bring the black velvet curtain down this annual sideshow of macabre mundanity. I can only hope it wasn’t too underwhelming this year, as real-life tricks and treats kept my attention occupied elsewhere. In any […]

I started this feature without having a coherent plan,just a nostalgia-tinted swirl of memories unearthed after flipping through some periodicals from the year in question. Now that the project is done, I’m still not sure what I was trying to accomplish, much less whether or not I succeeded in doing so. 1983 was the year […]

And so it ends. SMS Saturdays was never intended to be a permanent fixture on Armagideon Time. When first I came up with the concept, misbirth I had a list of specific games and topics I wanted to cover (most notably this) and the notion that after I touched all those bases, order I’d retire […]

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