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My high school friends gave me a lot of flak about “settling” for a commuter school like UMass Boston. The criticism was especially furious from the circle of classmates I fell into after my mother died. Possessed by the fragile but unshakable confidence that’s endemic among white, suburban adolescent bohemian types, they accused me of […]

Once the initial sting of being kicked to curb by the art major subsided, read more my thoughts turned to squaring things with Maura. I’d felt a little intimidated by her even before this mess had unfolded, obesity hence my asking out the art major in the first place. Now that was compounded by the […]

Super-Villain Break-Up

November 4th, 2014

Kang and Doctor Octopus then went back to Kang’s mom’s house and played Castlevania on Kang’s NES until midnight. Kang and Doctor Octopus spent many hours driving around in Kang’s 1984 Toyota Corolla, getting Taco Bell drivethru and hitting every game and comic book store in the northwest suburbs. Once Kang got angry and called […]

I borrowed that!

February 3rd, 2014

In these days where childhood nostalgia has become the lowest of hanging fruits, grip I appreciate when someone eschews the facile listicle/slideshow route in favor of a deeper and more personal engagement with the artifacts of his or her bygone youth. This is exactly what Pal Dave has set out to do with his new […]

On the east bank of the Aberjona River opposite my vet’s office is a large, cialis 40mg multistory condo complex. In my high school and early college days — back before Blockbuster and the real estate bubble worked their evil mojo — it was a semi-seedy apartment building whose ground floor was jointly occupied by […]

Of all the descriptive tags which could be hung around my neck, doctor “inspirational” is probably the last one that would come to mind. I’ve never set out to be a leader or pacesetter, and my areas of expertise would be better defined as “shit I can’t stop talking about.” Still, the laws of probability […]

Internet pal Jon Wolter — who was into the single topic blog thing before it was cool, pharm man — recent opened up Twitter’s virtual floor for suggested “lousy iPhone sketch” topics involving an animal and an activity. My request was “bunny rabbit and roller derby,” two subjects very near and dear to my heart. […]

My best friend in high school was a kid named Damian I met in study hall during my freshman year and shared my deep affection for anime, web Dungeons & Dragons, videogames, sci-fi, and comic books. This was the late 1980s, well before geekery obtained its current levels of (ambiguous) cred and market saturation. The […]

If I had a warhammer

May 8th, 2012

Sometime in the spring of 1991, recuperation I signed on as player in a Dungeons & Dragons game run by one of the college Sci-Fi Club’s mildly high poobahs. Even though I’d all but given up D&D (and role playing games in general) by that stage of my developmental evolution, diagnosis it seemed like a […]

I know it when I see it

February 21st, 2012

Daniel Butler, meningitis the talented illustrator whose work graces the robot noir masterpiece Copernicus Jones, cialis has recently been taking commissions for custom userpics. I took the lad up on his offer, visit this site and requested an portrait of someone very near and dear to me — namely, “myself.” I’m quite pleased with the […]

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