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The Don Knotts Courier-Gazette’s headline that day read “A G-G-G-G-GHOST?” but comically hurled itself out the nearest open window before the image could be taken. Recommended listening: From the scene that refuses to die.

A Many-Splendored Thing: Day 17

February 17th, 2018

Recommended listening:

The immediate post-WW2 period saw traditional supernatural threats eclipsed by a set of menaces sporting a scientific bent. Ghosts and vampires were out, replaced by mutated monstrosities and bug-eyed aliens. While these Atom Age nightmares better reflected the prevailing anxieties of the era, they also injected a bit of novelty into genre templates which had […]

Hey, now. This is a Code-approved comic and there’s no place in it for that kind of lewd talk. I’m quite frankly appalled by this blatant innuendo, especially as it also contains diabolic overtones. You can expect to receive sternly-worded letter from- Uh, never mind. (from “The Devil’s Own” by Writer Unknown and Tony Caravana […]

“Yo, where were you on Halloween? You missed a sick party at Ricky’s place!” “Didn’t I tell you? Oh, man. I won a Miller Lite contest where I got to party with Clarence Clemons at Universal Studios!” “Wait. Didn’t he die in 2011?” Frost forms on the windowpane. The family beagle begins to whine and […]

(from “The Specter of the Iron Duchess” by Leo Dorfman and Jerry Grandenetti in Ghosts #28, July 1974) A March 1975 wedding is planned for Jan Rasek of Cedar Falls, Iowa and the Iron Dutchess of the Stygian Abyss. The couple recently announced their engagement while at the One-Eyed Snake Bar & Grille, Fontana, CA. […]

Unlike the other titles in DC stable of Bronze Age “horror” offerings, Ghosts plodded along under the conceit that it was a documentary account of various supernatural shenanigans. Whether inspired by urban legends,lifted from “true” accounts of the supernatural, or crapped out by desperate freelancer with a past-due electric bill, the stories in the series […]

L.A. had Vampira. Cleveland had Ghoulardi. Chicago had (and has) Svengoolie. In post-war Fawcett City, generic the small-screen maestro of the macabre role was filled by… …the “Ghost Announcer” who thrilled audiences with tales of supernatural terror and proved to be a huge success for WHIZ-TV. Or it was, until head writer I. J. Scarum […]

Love to haunt you, baby

June 27th, 2014

DC’s 1970s horror comics didn’t really deliver when it came to spine-chilling scares, medications but they did excel at taking an enticing high concepts and whizzing any potential it might have had down its narrative leg. A heartbreaking example of this can be found in Ghosts #90 (July 1980), viagra which teased readers with the […]

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