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Armageddon flashbacks

February 1st, 2018

My undergraduate mentor was an ex-marine who was to the extreme left of the political spectrum. He was fond of using words like “hegemonic” and warn about the day “when holy hell rains down, and I say when not if” to a bunch of undergrads who thought a class titled “The Sixties” was going to […]

The afternoon light is fading fast and the ghoulish revels shall soon begin, which means it’s time to draw down the curtain on this year’s Halloween Countdown. I thought it went pretty well, all things considered. The month wasn’t as distraction-free as I anticipated it would be, but it didn’t keep me from dishing up […]

All bad things

December 31st, 2010

“Think you can take me, artificial 2010? Go ahead on.” I posted the above to my twitter account in the closing minutes of 2009, and have since come to regret that moment of Joe Don Bakerian bravado. Though I was fortunate enough to avoid some of the nuclear scenarios that swept up a number of […]

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