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Even as I dug through a disorganized assortment of crates in search of my copy of Rock 80, another auditory artifact from a bygone era was making its way from someone’s damp basement to my front porch. The album was Right On, a 1976 release that represents the apotheosis of K-Tel’s midlist compilations during the […]

(from “The Corpse Wore Shoes” by Carl Wessler and E.R. Cruz in The Witching Hour #59, October 1975) “Check it out, you happening cats! The Vault Keeper got hung up by a real bad trip, so he asked me — the Macabre Youth Minister — to lay this far out prairie gothic tale on you […]

Oh, sure, it starts off innocently enough with florally decorated stockings and homemade lo-cal salad dressing, but where does it go from there? I’ll tell you — smoking Purple Haze with Jamie Hendricks and riding around in a VW van looking for draft cards and bras to burn between orgies. No good can come of […]

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