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My relationship with the freshman sculptress lasted all of six weeks. In hindsight, it was pretty clearly doomed from the start. There were too many irreconcilable differences between us, though my raging hormones and the exhilaration of a fresh romance kept me from noticing any ominous portents on the horizon. She was a Boston Latin […]

All geek things

August 8th, 2017

Even though I came to realize Damian and I were on different pages in terms of our fandoms, we remained close friends through high school and my early college days. We continued to hang out on afternoons and weekends, hitting up the local arcades or roaming Boston’s northwest suburbs in search of some new-to-us venue […]

Apart from the abbreviated session that introduced me to the hobby, I spent the entirety of my early RPG days stuck in the gamemaster role. Lil Bro was too young to handle the task and what other players I could find expressed little interest in taking on the job. I didn’t have too much of […]

Sometime in the early months of 1985, I was flipping through the current month’s issue of Twilight Zone Magazine and came across a half-page ad for an upcoming novel. The premise of the book fascinated me, which was a bit unusual since I strongly preferred to get my horror fiction in short story form. Novels […]

I want everything

April 17th, 2015

Billboard‘s recommended record picks for the week of August 22, medical 1981 might not been the feature’s most monumental installment… ….but it certainly was one of its most interesting ones. Elsewhere in the issue, radio executives and programmers were pronouncing the death of “new wave” as a viable format, unaware of the MTV-driven mass market […]

The abyss comments also

March 18th, 2015

The other Woburn kid in the college sci-fi club was an extremely weird individual prone to bizarre behavior and spastic outbursts. He thought pro-wrestling was real and that Ferngully was radical environmental propaganda. When he wasn’t licking his fingers as he turned the pages of some erotic sci-fi novel, website like this he was wielding […]

Tune into tomorrow

November 3rd, 2011

CONSUMERS OF AMERICA, melanoma WHAT WILL YOU BE WATCHING IN THE YEAR TWO THOUSAND? The folks at RCA had the answer to that question way back in 1969, ambulance when the company unveiled its predictive glimpse into the future of televisual entertainment… …THE TWO THOUSAND. Produced in a limited run of two thousand units and […]

Our final dose of historical irony from the pages of the April 28, overweight 1975 issue of Newsweek needs no set-up, remedy which is just as well because I’ve been laid low by a virus I may or may not have picked up from an overentitled Winchester snob who sneezed in my face at the supermarket […]

My dad swung by the house last Saturday to drop off a selection of old magazines he thought I might be interested in reading and perhaps mining for blog material.  The prize of the lot was the April 28, buy 1975 edition of Newsweek.  The issue focuses on the aftermath of the Battle of Xuan Loc […]

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