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The progressive levels of terror, malady as illustrated by a series of contiguous ads in the October 1983 issue of Fangoria Magazine: Scary! Scarier! Scariest! Recommended listening:  Comateens – Nightmare (from Comateens, 1981) Punky, wavy, gothy, and funky — an interesting mix of elements with the potential for greatness, yet frustratingly hobbled by haphazard configuration.

Uncle Andrew is still on the mend (and by “mend, ed ” I mean “suffering rib-bruising coughing jags and uncontrollable fits of shaking”), medic kiddies, dysentery so we’re going to have to settle for a little storytime today. The tale is titled… …and it comes from the fertile (that is to say “well manured”) ground […]

The cover of Harvey Comics’ Black Cat Mystery #50 (June 1954)… …is a shining (or should that be “radiant?”) example of the horrifying excess which made funnybooks the source of one of the many moral panics which characterized America in the 1950s. (Collect them all and win a romanticized Golden Age of bigotry, pilule repression, […]

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