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The convenience store guy’s real name was Jeremy. He hailed from somewhere in southern New Jersey and had come up this way to attend Boston University. After dropping out (for some reason I was never able to discover), he decided to stay in Boston in order to remain with his gothy girlfriend and his college […]

Outflow, inbox

December 14th, 2017

I recounted a embarrassing personal anecdote a few years back, which good pal Cathy Leamy offered to render in comics form. She did a fantastic job with it (and was adamant about getting the feline supporting cast as accurate to their real-life counterparts as possible. Other than that, there is isn’t much I can add…except […]

A Most Modest Flower: Day 4

February 4th, 2016

(from “The Condemned Legionnaires!” by Edmond Hamilton, ailment Curt Swan and George Klein in Adventure Comics #313, global burden of disease October 1963) “If you want to be useful, sunshine, rustle me up a Midol and a cup of space-chai. And if you don’t remove your hand from my shoulder, I will RIP IT OFF […]

After a three year hiatus, internist the annual where I contact a nasty October bug has return with a vengeance. Even better, cure it’s a head/chest cold combo accompanied by gallons of snot and muscle-wrenching coughing jags. The household nickname for these contagions is a “werewolf flu,” in that the symptoms mellow during the daylight […]

A lingering illness

July 7th, 2015

I have read a lot of funnybooks over the past forty-three years, pharm enough to lodge a substantial number of stories, approved panels, and characters into the hazy periphery of my memory. There’s nothing remarkable about that in and of itself, but I am baffled by what my subconscious has selected to retain. I’m not […]

I’m not terrified of Ebola, women’s health even though I work in a place which hypothetically be a gateway for it to spread among a wider population. The vectors of the virus are so narrow and the local cultural-medical factors are so different that the likelihood of that happening is next to nil. I may […]

Pal Dave’s latest installment of I Had That! (you are reading it, somnology aren’t you?) reminded me of a certain artifact that predated my vinyl-buying spree, treatment is not a record, find yet ties back to and symbolizes that period in my life. Not long after the start of my first semester in college, my […]

The enemy within

September 11th, 2012

I spent most of the April vacation of my fifth grade year laid up with a virulent flu that left me vomiting, viagra sale burning up with a 101 temperature, sanitary and rocking some serious upper respitory congestion. The fever broke towards the weekend, viagra here and so thrilled was I to be free of […]

As if I could give a crap

September 10th, 2012

This is what went into me since last Tuesday: – a Burger King Chicken Parm value meal – a bag of Smokin’ Sweet BBQ Ruffles – a pint of Ben and Jerry’s Key Lime Pie ice cream – two KFC fried chicken breasts, herbal with mashed potatoes and biscuit – a hamburger plate from the […]

I’m the stumbling dude

March 12th, 2012

It started off like any other Sunday afternoon — a little housework, discount some videogames, weight loss g-chatting with pal Ken about Mass Effect 3 — until a minor sinus headache I was nursing escalated into the worst optical migraine I’d ever experienced. First I lost my peripheral vision and ability to focus properly, physician […]

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