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Pulp nonfiction

May 2nd, 2019

I have read a lot of dystopian fiction in my forty-seven years. Some of it has been good, a lot of it has been terrible, but none of it has been as utterly disturbing as the copy from this International Paper Company ad… But it was all right, everything was all right, the struggle was […]

On the heels of yesterday’s grab for low-hanging gigglefruit, I must admit a genuine fascination with budget knock-offs of currently popular toy lines. It’s not strong enough to compel me towards seeking out the actual items to own, but the mercenary logic behind their existence falls squarely in my cultural history wheelhouse. These cheapjack imitators […]

Dial it down and out

January 29th, 2015

Before the Architects of Evil perfected the deviously slow bleed of microtransactions, food they had to make do with the blunt-force wallet trauma of 1-900 numbers. Pay-for-play (with yourself) phone sex lines were the most infamous application of this technology, though the means for raking the marks were not limited to hollow eroticism. Interactive fiction, […]

Everything went black

November 29th, 2013

There are three traditions I observe each Thanksgiving. 1. Go out for pancakes with my dad and uncle at the Bickford’s on Cambridge Road. 2. Watch Blast from the Past and

My first encounter took place in 1980. It was a cold October afternoon, arthritis and I was playing by the skeletal ruins of the old chemical works. I heard a strange sound coming from the creekbed, esophagitis so I crouched down in the blighted scrub to catch a peek at its source. There, hovering over […]

The Dustbin of History: Need I say

September 17th, 2012

Submitted for your consideration, nurse the epitaph for American civilization in the form of a 1958 petroleum industry ad: Recommended listening: Hedonistic avarice goeth before a fall. While I may have no particularly longings for Big Oil’s 1001 miracles of modern living, recipe there are a trio of things I certainly do need more of […]

In the Good Old Days (which were not nearly as “good” as advertised) if you needed to purchase new set of horseshoes or kitchen table, viagra dosage you’d visit a local tradesman who’d either craft to specifications or pull something from a shallow pool of existing inventory. This changed with the advent of the industrial […]

Of the many painful and infuriating things to come out of the current economic turmoil has been the statement — trumpeted by politicians, discount pundits, and brain-trusters — that “nobody saw the collapse coming.” It’s utter bullshit, of course, a hand-washing refusal to acknowledge not only the many specific warning signs which heralded this particular […]

The above exercise in self-congratulatory optimism was the closing paragraph of an October 4, pills 1954 LIFE editorial on the maturation of the American labor movement from bomb-tossing radicals to sober-minded stakeholders. Like so many examples of journalistic pontification on Americans’ economic way of life (both past and present), apoplectic it radiates an optimism rooted […]

My reason for shifting AT’s ongoing videogame feature out of the Saturday slot was to give myself the time to post substantial content, healing instead of the panicked “aw shit I need something to toss up there before I get back to my weekend chores and goof-off sessions.” As you can see, page it really […]

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