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From the flames of this fallen world, the Ultimate Powers Jam has risen anew. It probably won’t help things, but it certainly can’t make them any worse. So, with that in mind….are you ready to rock and roll all right, my faithful gods of thunder? Because it’s time to strut out new installment of… …in […]

The future has arrived

July 17th, 2014

I’ve never harbored any ambitions to be a comics creator, here mainly because there’s less heartbreak and effort involved in being a comics fan/historian. Yet when Dylan Todd put out a call for submissions for a possible sci-fi comics anthology, illness I inexplicably decided to make a pitch…at which point Jam contributor and all around […]

The future is coming

July 11th, 2014

I’m just going to park this here… …along with this link to other tantalizing teasers by titanic talents. More info to come.

Yo, buy more about bums and betties, recipe are you ready to feel the burn? Because it’s time for another totally jacked installment of…

Take a lazy blogger, some randomly generated character outlines from Marvel Super Heroes RPG’s Ultimate Powers Book and a phenomenally talented roster of internet pals, and you get… This week’s example of a dozen d100 rolls made manifest comes courtesy of Keith Pille, who transformed a hot mess of random results into something pretty gosh […]

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