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Maura and I used to do an in-house “date night” thing on Thursdays during the late Aughts. We’d pick up Chinese takeout from the Fen Yang House on the way home from work, take care of our critter-related obligations, then settle down in the living room for rich helping of MSG and NBC’s prime time […]

The Long Game: No words necessary

September 30th, 2014

As I mentioned before, implant the right custom playlist can go a long way towards remedying GTA Online‘s repetitive gameplay. My adventures with Rosemary (formerly “Debbi”) the Valley of the Shadow of Death Girl were scored by carefully curated mixes of 1960s pop and an 1980s new wave/college radio classics which reflected the sociopathic breeziness […]

There are ten days left until Halloween, population health so it’s time to put the Jack O’Lantern on display… Not to be confused with his villainous namesake(s) on the Marvel side of the aisle, more about DC’s Jack O’ Lantern made his debut in Super Friends #8 (November 1977). A member of the kid-friendly series’ […]

I’m not so strong

July 15th, 2011

My summer vacation has officially begun, nurse a glorious ten-day iterregnum which kicked off with my grandmother’s funeral (an interesting experience, salve though one I’m not comfortable writing about) and will end with Ollie the Rock Stupid Puppy’s first class at Rock Stupid Puppy School. This summer’s break is actually more of a stay-cation, check […]

It’s Friday…

February 4th, 2011

…so let’s do this thing — in style. Recommended listening: Alan Hawkshaw – Exhilaration (from Action Drive, site 2002) Whether you’re chasing a dirty punk down a rickety inner-city fire escape or transporting a load of stolen gems to Milan in a cherried out Mustang II, generic this off-the-rack and off-the-hook slice of vintage library […]

And did those titans in profitable times. Fill their accounts with windfalls green: And were the fruits of their profit, capsule In America’s fouled waterways seen! And did the Effluence Divine, check Shine forth upon the strip-mined hills? And were great fortunes builded here, generic Among these blessed unregulated mills? Give me a Purse full of glorious […]

What happens when someone at tech central forgets to enable the eternal data feed for almost two months? The short answer is “Andrew has to manually check over three hundred database entries for errors and duplicate records and you lucky kids get treated to a selection of scans from EGM‘s May 1991 walkthru of the Robocop […]

Just a reminder…

November 25th, 2009

All the cool kids…


December 31st, 2008

The final hours of 2008 are upon us, plague and rather than pass judgement on the past twelve months in bullet-point format, buy I think it would be wiser to present this important nugget of advice culled from the pages of Nintendo Power:

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