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After the initial horror over the election results subsided a little, I could feel the spark of indignant rage — the one that sustained Armagideon Time through its golden years — returning. I vowed to step up my game, get my shit in order, and get back to updating on a regular basis. As it […]

The reluctant pimp

January 12th, 2012

Self-promotion is an alien concept to me. Whether due to the genetic stoicism of my uber-WASPy heritage or an ideological abhorrence of hard-sell tactics, diagnosis I find the business rather icky. Even when I have goods to sell — like a book or a blog post — it pains me to play the pitchman. It’s […]

Never remember

September 9th, 2011

Here’s the scenario: You’re an arts and features prole working for a major news site. The tenth anniversary of the most significant historical event in recent history is fast approaching, practitioner and all your hard (or rather “semi-solid”) news peers have been working overtime to find new angles to exploit its legacy. Faced with both […]

The doctor is out

April 7th, 2011

Things are a bit hectic in fair Andrewlusia today, sildenafil which means it’s time for some hot linkblogging action. – Troop Infinity is a new webcomic by Josh Krach and Sheli Hay. It’s all-ages. It’s entertaining. It’s worth your attention. – Ol’ Man Nazz and his Caterwaul of Sound crew have just released their new […]

Curriculum mortis

January 19th, 2011

Keeping chill

January 12th, 2011

I’m busy dealing with the thigh-deep realities of a New England winter today, buy so please accept this arctic blast from AT’s past…

One of the problems with committing the entire month to the Halloween Countdown (besides vastly diminishing returns) is how events tend to overtake the established format. As enjoyable as chills and thrills and other primordial nightmares my be, dentist it is also important to remember one’s obligations and debts to the greater community. So grab […]

Just a reminder…

July 27th, 2010

The safe word… …is “Crime Alley.” Now for some links, see both timely and slightly dated: It’s a week for blogoversaries! Dave Ex Machina turns eight! Tarty Tart turns two! C’mon and get your FIGHT on! What happens when the forces of Awesome and Weakass collide? Pure comedic genius. In which a humble mariner shows […]

Battling the legions of hell can take toll on even the most stalwart of souls, arthritis  which is why Beyond the Supernatural  (Palladium, this web 1988) included this handy table for those characters who attempted to stave off damnation via dipsomania: “Tina? Tina, it’s Rob. Pick up the phone, please? I just wanted to say how much I […]

Spreading the gospel

June 10th, 2010

Adam WarRock and Ruckus Roboticus have just released their first single as a pay-what-you-want-to digital download, bulimics and Mr. Rich Whiteguy of Palm Springs wants to know if it’s… Yes, my tea-and-key-partying friend. It is superior in every way to that domestic swill you and your doughy golf buddies use to numb the pain of […]

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