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The three years that passed between my mother’s death in November 1988 and my first date with Maura in December 1991 felt longer than the five that preceded them and the twenty five which followed them. It’s understandable, as it was a period marked by one life-changing event after another. One of the most significant […]

In search of an answer

June 3rd, 2015

SOUNDUS HUMONGUS! BOOTUS RIDICULOUS! Something about the band’s name, photo, and ad copy screamed “Euro-metal outfit reworking third-hand cliches in a isolated local scene,” but it turns out that Guardian hailed from Florida. So drop the “Euro,” I guess. Honestly, the sole track of theirs I could find wasn’t half-bad. Trite and bordering on self-parody, […]

During the opening weeks of 1989, viagra I underwent an abrupt and drastic transformation from a 1960s soul and pop enthusiast to a hardcore thrash metal freak. I’m still not sure why it happened, store but I remember the exact moment it did. One of my co-workers at the hospital — an archetypical suburban hesher […]

With a bullet

September 13th, 2011

1991 was the “Year Punk Broke.” The late September release of Nirvana’s Nevermind was the long-awaited signal which unleashed a horde of be-flanneled malcontents to topple the reigning hair metal hegemony and expand the Alternative Nation’s boundaries into the realm of the mainstream. It’s a story that has been recounted countless times through career retrospectives, […]

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