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It took half a decade for burnout and backlash to do in disco. “My Sharona” managed to do the same for the nascent power pop revival in the space of six months. Power pop was supposed to be the Next Big Thing, the commercial face of the burgeoning “New Music” scene with maximum crossover potential […]

After feeling a bit burnt out on Destiny lately, I decided to check back in on Grand Theft Auto Online and see how the game has been doing during my absence. Rockstar’s regular (and free) updates to the game have continued to roll in during my hiatus. I’d quit paying attention to them at some […]

It’s Friday…

February 4th, 2011

…so let’s do this thing — in style. Recommended listening: Alan Hawkshaw – Exhilaration (from Action Drive, site 2002) Whether you’re chasing a dirty punk down a rickety inner-city fire escape or transporting a load of stolen gems to Milan in a cherried out Mustang II, generic this off-the-rack and off-the-hook slice of vintage library […]

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