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The autumn of 1988 was an oasis of calm before the impending shitstorm. My family’s dysfunctions had metastasized into a weird state of equilibrium. My mother was still a basket case and my father was still out of control, but there was a sense that the situation had leveled out just enough for me to […]

The last Noel

December 23rd, 2016

The 1987 holiday season was the last one I spent with my mother, and gave every impression of becoming the worst Christmas ever. My father was away at the time, sent up to a court-mandated stay at a rehab facility after a cop found him pulled over on a roadside. My dad was trying to […]

No longer busy being born

November 30th, 2016

I made it clear to noontime before I remembered today marks the twenty-eight anniversary of my mother’s death. There are been more immediate concerns as of late, fresh wounds in need of suturing that have taken priority over the luxury of worrying an ugly but ancient scar. The ever-growing temporal gulf between Then and Now […]

Since acquiring a functioning turntable a few weeks back, I’ve been slowly getting back into the habit of buying used records. Most of these have been favorite LP I never picked up back in the day because I already owned them on tape and albums by bands I’ve warmed up to since my collecting days […]

On the last day of November 1988, anesthetist my mother died after a drunken tumble down a flight of stairs and my father was sent up to the VA hospital to get his head back on straight. He eventually moved on to a series of halfway houses in South Boston while he started a new […]

There have been several occasions where videogames have seen me through some rough patches in my life. The active engagement required in playing certain games helped to distract me from my problems long enough for them to subside or be dealt with properly. I mitigated the agonizing pain of last year’s pair of abscessed teeth […]

Song for Sunday #138

May 10th, 2015

Little River Band – Reminiscing My mother loved this song. I don’t know why and it’s too late to ask her, medical so it is what it is.

Yet who would have thought

February 10th, 2015

Getting pedantic over the conventional inaccuracies of genre fiction is a fool’s errand. If you’re willing to accept space wizards and noise in a vacuum and flagrant violations of the Square-Cube Law, buy cialis then it seems pretty absurd to harp on some band science footnote done in the name of stylistic or narrative expediency. […]

After my mother died I moved into a spare room at my maternal grandma’s house (which was the other side of the duplex where my family lived, oncologist making things extra weird). My stereo was one of the first things I brought over to my new digs, but I didn’t bother setting up the turntable. […]

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