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The world is aflame, so I might as well add to miserable pyre with another recap featuring the most unloved of Charlton’s “Action Heroes.” SON OF VULCAN! An intrepid reporter named Johnny Mann who lost a leg covering a brushfire conflict, cursed the gods, and was rewarded the the Deity Formerly Known as Hephaestus by […]

…and we’re back again for a look at another semi-contemporaneous “precursor” to Charlton’s age of “Action Heroes.” The focus this time around falls upon the mighty (derivative) Son of Vulcan. The character was the brainchild of writer Pat Masulli and artist Bill Fraccio (with Joe Gill later assuming the writing chores), made his debut in […]

(from “There’s Hope in the Sky!” by Joe Gill and Steve Ditko in Mysteries of Unexplored Worlds #22, this January 1961)

Once the initial sting of being kicked to curb by the art major subsided, prosthesis my thoughts turned to squaring things with Maura. I’d felt a little intimidated by her even before this mess had unfolded, drug hence my asking out the art major in the first place. Now that was compounded by the prospect […]

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