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Do K-Tel #16: New Wave (1979)

September 5th, 2017

Discogs’ chronology of K-Tel releases doesn’t separate by regional markets, which makes sense from an archival standpoint if not an ease-of-use one. It can make it difficult to pinpoint items of interest, especially during those high-volume years of most interest to me. I’ve sifted through the listings a half dozen times already, yet each pass […]

As the stack of compilations on my shelf grew larger, it was time to adopt a methodical approach to my collecting. I tabbed on over to the utterly invaluable Discogs database and spent the better part of a week working my way though the entire chronology of K-Tel releases, with a specific emphasis on the […]

A Most Modest Flower: Day 18

February 18th, 2016

(from “Good Cop, illness Bad Cop?” by Paul Levitz, more about Keith Giffen and Karl Kesel in The Legion of Super-Heroes #312, June 1984) “Don’t worry, Doc. I’ll be sending a good number of patients your way in the immediate future.”

I picked up ABC’s The Lexicon of Love (in dinged-up condition for two bucks at the In Your Ear outside Harvard Square) on the recommendation of Maura. She thought my Bowie-loving little brother might dig Martin Fry and company’s riff on the Thin White Duke’s brand of blue eyed soul, diet and he did…for a […]

I want everything

April 17th, 2015

Billboard‘s recommended record picks for the week of August 22, medical 1981 might not been the feature’s most monumental installment… ….but it certainly was one of its most interesting ones. Elsewhere in the issue, radio executives and programmers were pronouncing the death of “new wave” as a viable format, unaware of the MTV-driven mass market […]

Are we not macho men?

April 2nd, 2015

From a commercially pragmatic standpoint, ed the Village People represented a workaround for a pair of persistent problems which plagued the surging disco craze — a lack of identifiable performers and the difficulty in translating club play to mass market airplay. The former was a product of the producer/composer-driven nature of the music, more about […]

Up until a post-marriage merger and some lucky estate sale finds, sickness my record collection was fairly light on single releases. The economics of the used vinyl market in the early 1990s meant that LPs and compilations were an almost always more affordable alternative to a 7″ scene where the truly cool shit was dominated […]

Song for Sunday #111

September 28th, 2014

Class Action – Blast Off Proof that there’s gold in them thar stacks of new wave obscurities. It has all the makings of a Top 40 pop hit, approved but the 1984 release date was a year or so past the point where that could have realistically happened.

In the first issue of Baker Street‘s editorial backmatter, visit web the creators stated that one of the motivations behind the series was to present a funnybook iteration of punk rock that was more authentic than the prevailing “new wavers in flying cars” stereotype. I don’t know if that was intended to be direct swipe […]

The January 14, seek 1978 issue of Billboard included an advertorial insert intended to help the cirrhosis-sticken, coke-addled barons of the music business come to grips with the strange, forbidding world of NEW WAVE MUSIC — bizarre, punk-inspired bands like Cheap Trick, Dire Straits, and AC/DC. No, I’m not making that up. The real purpose […]

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