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For all the time spent showcasing the scars of past psychic traumas here, I still tread lightly when it comes to the “High Eighties” period. That block of time — roughly spanning 1984 to 1988 — is such a tangle of regret, embarrassment, and pain that anything associated with it dredges up muck better left […]

You never forget your first pregnancy scare. Mine occurred in the summer of 1992, when the otherwise idyllic post-Leech “Club of Two” status quo was upended by Maura’s confession that she was a couple of weeks late. I wasn’t sure how to process it, despite her reassurances that it was probably a false alarm. I […]

I know what day it is and why you’re here and I had something picked out but my RSIs are flaring up something fierce so I went to bed early last night to see if my wrists and back would knit up into something a bit more functional. Who’d have thought that a decade spent […]

It leaves no stain

February 2nd, 2009

Let this be a lesson for you…

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