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The period from 1993 through 1999 saw my musical tastes broaden tremendously, thanks to punk losing its puritanical stranglehold on me and a twenty-first birthday gift of CD-playing boom box. I kept on buying used vinyl up through 1995 or so, but the bulk of what hit my ears was delivered digitally. Having become the […]

Back around the turn of the Millennium, Rhino issued a set of compilations titled The Postpunk Chronicles. The three-disc series followed up on the label’s previous DIY, Just Can’t Get Enough, and Faster & Louder collections, offering meticulously curated snapshot of a bygone scene accompanied by detailed liner notes. Despite the title of the series, […]

(from “The Corpse Wore Shoes” by Carl Wessler and E.R. Cruz in The Witching Hour #59, October 1975) “Check it out, you happening cats! The Vault Keeper got hung up by a real bad trip, so he asked me — the Macabre Youth Minister — to lay this far out prairie gothic tale on you […]

As previously established, cost my record-buying days began as a search for “punk” material that I’d read about but was unavailable on cassette or compact disc. That was not the case for today’s entry… …Unknown Pleasures by Joy Division, human enhancement fresh copies of which could be found at any record shop of note in […]

Another week, approved another record purchase inspired by Greil Marcus’s Lipstick Traces. Today’s featured platter is the 12″ single of “Inconvenience” by the Au Pairs. The co-ed quartet was part of the first wave of British postpunk acts, cure back in the days before the genre was classified as a separate subcategory. Musically, the Au […]

It’s as easy as…

January 1st, 2014

The condiment is life, salve see how red it flows. How sharp yet sweet it feels on the tongue. Savor it, there and feel pity for those timid shades who claim that mayo is superior. Recommended listening: Pylon – Feast on My Heart (from Gyrate, 1980) Served raw and throbbing with a garnish of barbed […]

There is more to the spooky season in New England than spookhouses and harvest festivals. There are also the crispness to the air, prostate the swirl of fallen leaves, visit this site and the glorious sunsets following a ferocious October storm — signs all of an unmistakable shift in the psychic atmosphere. And as sure […]

(from The Witching Hour #30, therapy April 1973; by Carl Wessler & Jack Sparling) Salutations, bats and ghouls, and welcome to Armagideon Time’s 8th annual Halloween Countdown! I hope you’ve donned your fanciest set of fight rags, because the next thirty-one days will reveal a wild assortment of tricks and treats exhumed from the deepest […]

Venez m’aider

May 1st, 2012

I am no stranger to dental pain. Decades of lax hygiene and poor eating habits coupled with some unfortunate twists of hereditary genetics have taken their toll on my not-so pearly whites. While not (yet) at a Shane Macgowanesque state of masticular ruin, price my teeth are a constant source of discomfort and irritation. Though […]

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